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“The difference between success and failure of HAIR TRANSPLANTATION is a great team. “

Hair Transplantation is unique in many ways.

Unlike other cosmetic procedures, Hair Transplantation in not a one man procedure. It is a process which involves many operations to be performed by many operators.

The surgeon is only part of equation like a captain of any sports’ team.Technical assistants are the asset and backbone of hair transplantation.

To me teamwork along with the technology is the only beauty of our work.

Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision.

Our team members are full timers having ability to direct individual accomplishments toward common objective. It is the fuel which allows us to attain natural and remarkable results.

Also our team has experience of dealing with patients from different ethnic groups having hairs of different characteristics. So we can assure you zero percent damage to your hair roots while transit from donor area to the recipient area.

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Dev Hair Transplant Clinic

Dr. Dinesh Patel

205, Palm Arcade Shukan Bunglow Cross Road,
Nikol-Naroda Rd, Nikol,
Ahmedabad, Gujarat 382350 – India.

Mo:- +91 9879139988

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