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Hair Transplantation is just something about having your hair back that makes you feel younger”

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Hair Transplantation is a surgical procedure in which after anesthetizing the donor area, small scalp tissue is surgically removed or hair roots are extracted individually and then that scalp tissue is pulled together and sutured. Our expert hair transplantation team slivers the strip using magnification and separates individual hair roots containing one, two or three hairs. These hair roots are then placed on the recipient area.

Donor Area – We have always noticed that even total bald person has plenty of hairs on back and sides of his head. These permanent healthy hairs are used as a donor hair.


These hairs are not affected by the hormonal changes so hairs transplanted taking from this area will stay for lifetime.

Recipient area – In genetic baldness hormonal changes causes miniaturization of hairs in certain areas which looks bald with the naked eyes, it is called recipient area. Besides genetic baldness, hairloss occurred due to any accident, burns or other trauma can also be successfully covered by hair restoration.



Hairs harvested from the permanent donor area will follow the same growth pattern in the recipient area after transplantation because of its donor dominant nature.

Transplanted hairs grow normally and feel and look are totally natural. These hairs can be comb, color, dye and even cut at regular interval. Even if you do complete shave off, all planted hair will grow at a normal rate of a centimeter per month


Following are some of the critical elements which play an important role for successful hair transplantation or restoration.

  • Where the transplanted hairs are placed?
  • At what angle with the skin they are placed?
  • What is the orientation given at the time of plantation?
  • What is the density created?
  • Where to put hair roots with 1 hair, 2 hairs and 3 hairs?

These are the salient features where the training and expertise of doctors play a vital role for 100% successful and natural outcome.

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