FUE and Strip Method


Hair Transplantation or Hair Restoration is a surgical procedure in which hairs from the donor area are taken and planted in the recipient area with a minimum to zero tissue damage.

Hair Transplantation procedure involves mainly 3 steps.

  1. Harvesting
  2. Separation and Preparation of roots
  3. Plantation


Harvesting of the roots from the donor can be carried out by two methods.

  1. FUT or STRIP Method
  2. FUE or Punch Method

FUT or STRIP Method:

In strip method, a small portion of the skin is removed from the permanent donor area with full aseptic precautions under local anesthesia and after removal of skin that part is closed with absorbable sutures. From the strip individual hair roots are separated and prepared for plantation.

FUT-or-STRIP-Method-1 FUT-or-STRIP-Method-2


  • Main advantage of this method is that we can get more number of roots from the small area so more useful for patients with extensive baldness.
  • Stitches are there but they are absorbable, no need to go for removal of the stitches.
  • No need to shave off whole head at the time of procedure.
  • Less chances of damage to hair roots as procedure is carried out under vision with magnification.
  • Less chances of infection as the wound is closed after taking strip.
  • Can get more number of hair roots in less time.
  • Second hair transplantation is easy to carry out.


  • Stitches are there, so it is always psychologically fearful.
  • Expertise is required more for separation of hair roots from the strip.
  • More number of technical assistants is needed.
  • Linear scar will be left behind which can be easily hidden by surrounding existing hair.


In this method hair roots are obtained from the permanent donor area doing a very small circular incision (0.8 to 1mm) with the help of punch (a small surgical instrument). Doctor selects the hair root to be harvested, the punch is then placed over the hair root and circular incision is made around the root. Then hair root is grasped and extracted with the help of special surgical forceps. Extracted roots are prepared for plantation under magnification.



  • Stitchless procedure so psychologically less painful.
  • Indicated in tight scalp skin where strip harvesting is difficult.
  • Ideal where small number of hair roots are required i.e. eyebrow reconstruction
  • FUE is the only option in body hair transplantation for using beard, chest and axilla as donor area.
  • Less number of surgical assistants and instrumentation required.
  • FUE can be done in FOX test negative patients.
  • It doesn’t leave linear scar on the back of head.


  • Number of circular scars will be equal to the number of roots harvested i.e. 1500 small scars for 1500 roots harvested.
  • Much larger area needs to be prepared for small number of roots compared to strip method.
  • Procedure time is longer.
  • Repeat procedure is difficult to perform.
  • Mostly complete shave off required at the time of procedure.
  • Wounds are left open so chances of infection are more.
  • Costlier for the patient.


Separation can be done in two ways

  1. Without magnification or with naked eye
  2. With magnification using digital technology

Magnification is absolutely essential while separation of roots to preserve stem cells of the hair root. We have never stopped our vehicle to protect very small insects which are not visible. Same way without magnification technical assistant can damage stem cells inadvertently.

With magnification we can see hair roots much larger as below and so can protect whole hair root. Each root can have 1 hair, 2 hairs, 3 hairs or even 4 hairs.

hair-root-1 hair-root-2 hair-root-3 hair-root-4


Plantation of roots is very important step of the procedure. If hair roots are crushed at the time of plantation, we cannot achieve desired natural result.

Many doctors are using slit and place method. In this method, slits are made using sharp instruments at all sites where roots are going to be placed and then roots are planted in these premade slits in a second step.

We are using specially designed and patented SAVA TRANSPLANTERS. With the help of these transplanters, incisions are made and roots are planted at the same time in single step so can also save lot of time.

During plantation hair roots are preserved in cold solution preventing them from drying. Strict temperature maintenance and tissue protection is observed during whole procedure, giving you 100% natural and best results.


Following are some of the critical elements which play an important role for successful hair transplantation or restoration.

  • Where the transplanted hairs are placed?
  • At what angle with the skin they are placed?
  • What is the orientation given at the time of plantation?
  • What is the density created?
  • Where to put hair roots with 1 hair, 2 hairs and 3 hairs?

These are the salient features where the training and expertise of doctors play a vital role for 100% successful and natural outcome.

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