Hair Transplantations

Does Hair Transplant really work???

Still many of us are not aware that we can cover our bald head again with our own, permanent and natural hairs.

In Hair Transplantation, hair follicles are taken from the back and sides of the scalp which is permanent hair bearing area as they are resistant to genetic changes.

So the results of Hair Restoration are lifelong provided the proper consultation and selection of the patient is done properly and scalp is healthy.

Also method of Hair Transplant, FUE (Stitch less method) or FUT (Strip method) is chosen considering individual indications and requirements.

Means, Yes, Hair Transplant really works, but you need to take decision wisely in selecting the clinic which can give you best natural results.


Hair Transplantation is a simple surgical procedure done by FUE (stitch less) or FUT (with stitches) method.

Hair Transplantation involves extracting (with FUE method or FUT-Strip Method) of hair roots from the back of the head as they are genetically immune to the baldness changes.

These hair roots are then surgically planted in the bald area in a manner that their growth and look is totally natural and stays for lifetime.

Hair Restoration is a Day Care Procedure, totally painless, carried out under local anaesthesia.

Person can go back home driving himself and can join job or business next day onwards

The transplanted hairs behave naturally as they are taken from the patient’s own scalp, we can shampoo and dye them and have to cut them regularly.

Are the Results of Hair Transplantation Permanent? 

In any method of Hair Transplant (FUE- Follicular Unit Extraction, Stitchless or FUT- Follicular Unit Transplantation, Strip method), Hair Follicles (Hair Roots, Hair Grafts) are taken from the permanent hair bearing area.

These Hairs are transplanted into the bald area or area of significant hair loss.

Permanent area is located generally on both sides and back of the scalp which shows resistance to the genetic changes.

So if follicles are selected with care from permanent donor area and patient selection is done properly with healthy scalp, then results will be best and permanent.

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