Basics of Hair

“The Hair is the richest ornament of men and women.
Hair brings one’s self-image into focus…”


We are part of animal kingdom and like other animals we have hair all over the body except palm, sole and lips. Among all these hairs, some we can see with the naked eye while others are not visible.


We can see mainly three types of hair on human body.

  • Lanugo Hair: It is very fine and short hair present of the body of newborn. Mostly it is nonpigmented and difficult to see. It is replaced by Vellus hair.


  • Vellus Hair: It is also very fine and short hair, light in color which makes it almost invisible. It develops on human body during early childhood. During puberty, androgen hormones convert much of the vellus hair into terminal hair.


  • Terminal Hair: These are usually thick, long and dark in color. During puberty rise in androgen hormone levels causes Vellus hair to be replaced with terminal hairs in some body parts.



    1. Clinical Significance: In genetic baldness, gradually some of the terminal hair on the head get converted into vellus hair and becomes difficult to see, thereby seeing only skin and no hair.
    2. HAIR CYCLE: Can be better understood by following picture.


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