Basics of Genetic Baldness

Whether you are bald by any problem or by personal choice, you are still fabulous.

It is the quality of your character and soul, that makes you, YOU.

And you are beautiful and special person.”


Genetic Baldness is also known as Male or Female Pattern Hair Loss (MPHL or FPHL) or Androgenetic Alopecia or Male or Female Pattern Baldness.

Androgenetic Alopecia terminology is composed of mainly two words,

Andro means Androgens (Testosterone hormone) and

Genetics means genetic susceptibility (history of baldness either on paternal or maternal side).


Both of the above factors are necessary to produce genetic baldness.

During normal life cycle our hair follows tree phenomenon. As tree gets longer, its trunk gets thicker. Same happens with hair, hair becomes thick only after it is long enough of around 8 to 10 cms.

In genetic baldness, under influence of genetic susceptibility, hair gradually becomes thinner and shorter instead of getting longer and thicker. So normal hair cycle is reversed in the presence of hormones.Thus visible hair becomes so thin and short that we can’t see it with naked eye and only skin appears in the bald area.

Genetic baldness is slow, progressive and totally unpredictable.

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